Fibre Optic Solutions



We use  highest quality fiber optic / FTTH / FTTX designs tools, his allow us to optimize design and Lower the cost.

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Having a reliable and fast internet connection is absolutely essential.

Samo Eng Constructions builds for some of South Africa’s leading ISPs that work hard to ensure that you can access Fist & Reliable Fibre connection at a price you can afford.

“For  Speed, Reliability and Flexibility  Ask SAMO Eng Construction.


Wireless, fibre and satellite connectivity solutions has never being as easy that samo Construction wireless solution.

With team of experts are available 24hour you just seat and enjoy your internet.



Fibre optic cables are made of glass and because they transmit light, they don’t generate electricity. This means that there is no interference from electromagnetic noise such as radios, motors, power lines or other nearby cables. Therefore a clearer signal and better broadband connection for you.

There is nothing that can hurt a fibre-optic network, except a physical cut or the destruction of the building it is in.



To make sure that you have peace of mind whilst working from home, Samo Construction provides you with perfect installation and reliable connection.