Trenchless Technology Solutions


SAMO Construction offers advice and expert solutions working with you from conception through to completion; you can rely on our expertise for safe, innovative and cost-effective underground installations.


Samo Construction offers horizontal directional drilling (HDD) for underground pipelines installations, sizes range from 25mmØ to 150mmØ distances up to 300m.


This trenchless method is ideal for the installation of cables and ducts, water mains, pumped sewer lines, gas lines and oil lines under waterways, roads, railways, existing structures, congested areas, environmentally sensitive areas and any area where other methods are more costly or not feasible.


Samo Construction offers this No-Dig technique of Impact Molling as a fast, low cost and reliable method for installation of pipes, cables and ducts from 20mmØ up to 90mmØ distances from 5 metres up to 20 metres, through various ground types.


Typical installations for Impact Molling can be used for all small utility services i.e. water pipes, gas pipes, cables and ducts under roads, railways, driveways, gardens, trees, patios and existing structures and environmentally sensitive areas.

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Micro-trenching is cutting just enough and no more (between 2,50 cm (1 inch) and 13 cm (5 inches) wide and up to 50 cm (20 inches) deep). It is a method that systemises the process using new techniques and materials. It allows for installation at a shallower depth, doing minimal damage to street assets (concrete or asphalt) and reducing cost of reinstatement thus reducing overall FTTH cost per meter.

Eliminates the Risk of Trench Digging Damage

Horizontal Drilling works from a surface area and therefore eliminates the risk of trench digging damage as there is no need for deep excavation when laying down pipework. This means that surfaces which are worth conserving are neither broken up or damaged.

Horizontal Drilling is More Cost Effective

It is also extremely cost effective as it requires only one piece of equipment as opposed to several different pieces of machinery as used when trenching.

Far Less Surface Obstructions and Noise

Horizontal Drilling is less obstructive to road, river and rail traffic because the working area is confined to the points of entry and exit. It is also produces far less noise and the result is only minimum disruptions and detours are experienced by the general public.

Horizontal Drilling Has Quicker Turnaround Times

Horizontal Drilling is a much quicker process to that of traditional methods of installing pipework and takes a fraction of the time to complete. This means faster turnaround times and project completion.

Drastic Reduction in Environmental Pollution

Horizontal Drilling greatly reduces the environmental impact of traditional drilling methods and is quickly becoming the preferred method of underground installation because of the greatly reduced ecological disturbance